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本文摘要:01英语(二)小作文模板1.求职信/申请信模板2.推荐信/先容信模板3.建议信模板4.告退信模板5.拒绝信模板6.请求信/咨询信模板02英语(二)大作文模板句大作文首段写法:第一句:形貌图表中的现象(主题)第二句:论述数据第三句:另一组数据句型总结:1. It can be seen/observed clearly from the bar/line/pie/table chart that+主题句2. Reflected/ Clearly presented in th


01英语(二)小作文模板1.求职信/申请信模板2.推荐信/先容信模板3.建议信模板4.告退信模板5.拒绝信模板6.请求信/咨询信模板02英语(二)大作文模板句大作文首段写法:第一句:形貌图表中的现象(主题)第二句:论述数据第三句:另一组数据句型总结:1. It can be seen/observed clearly from the bar/line/pie/table chart that+主题句2. Reflected/ Clearly presented in the chart given above are+主题词3. The bar/line/pie/table chart reveals/shows/demonstrates/describes/presents+主题词4. The chart gives/offers/provides information about /regarding/respecting/concerning+主题词5. As is illustrated/shown in the bar/line/pie/table chart +主题句大作文第二段首句:1. Upon careful examination and thought, there are some driving factors are closely interrelated with the trend above.2. As a proverb goes, everything has its cause.3. It is obvious that this trend results from many factors and the three following ones, from my way of thinking, are important.4. There are multifaceted reasons why XXX, and I would explore three of the most important ones here.5. What triggers this rising trend/XXX? I do believe that the three following ones are worth mentioning.6. As a proverb goes, where there is a smoke, there is fire.7. What are the driving forces behind this rising trend? I do believe that the three following ones are worth mentioning.8. As a famous philosopher once asserted, nothing happens for no reason. The three following reasons can account XXX.9. Among diverse reasons leading to this rise stand out the three following ones.10. As we all know, everything has its root cause.11.What can account for the XXX? I think the three following reasons should be taken into consideration.12.What leads to this XXX? I do believe that the three following ones are particularly vital.“第一/首先”的写法In the first place/First of all/Firstly/above all/at the beginning/initially/ To start with/ To begin withForemost“第二/其次”的写法In the second place/Secondly/another/in addition/additionally/what’s more/ Besides“最后”的写法Last of all/ finally/At last/lastly/last/ Last of all/ Last but not least/In the end/Ultimately万能谓语动词:(一)表现努力类的偏向(positive)1. be beneficial to对、、、有利益2. provide convenience for利便、、、/为.....生长提供便利3. enrich富厚 /renew更新/widen/ broaden拓宽 (broaden one’s horizons)4. improve/promote提高;增强/speed up使、、、、提高;改善5. accelerate /pave the way of……为....生长铺平门路.(the future development)6. protect/ save/ preserve/ maintain 掩护/维持(maintain the balance of nature)7. relieve/ease(ease the traffic pressure)/eliminate 缓减/消除8. reinforce /strengthen/boost 增强;牢固9. give impetus to / give a big push to (极大地推动了)10. make full use of重复使用...../usher in ……引领11. be closely interrelated with…….于、、、、有密切联系;be closely related to….于、、、、、息息相关12.give special care to…..给…..特殊的看护(二)表现消极的偏向 harmful to/ be detrimental to 危害2. spoil/ ruin /destroy/ destruct 危害(大)3. lower……./worsen……/aggravate恶化;降低、、、尺度4. endanger/ contaminate (contaminate the environment)迫害、危害5. pose a threat to……..(对、、、有威胁)/handicap the development of …….(阻碍、、、的生长)6.影响:exert a far–reaching influence on…../have a far-reaching impact on……万能名词:(一)社会类有关的万能名词1. economy经济 2. culture文化 3. education教育 4. the living environment居住情况 5. potential market潜在市场 6. energy and national resources能源和资源 7.the public transportation公共交通8. stability and harmony稳定和和谐 9. intensified competition猛烈的竞争 10. sustainable development可连续生长 11. relative industries相关行业 12. natural balance 自然平衡 image 国际形象14. scientific exploration科技探索15. employment rate就业率 16. economic /social growth 17. modernization 18. technical innovation技术更新 19. civilization 文明20. ecological environment生态情况(二)小我私家类有关的万能名词1. interpersonal skill人际来往能力 2. living standard 生活水平3. physical and mental health 生理心理康健4. work and experience 5. learning and thinking capacity 学习和思考能力 6. friendship 7. leisure and entertainment 娱乐休闲8. social skills and competence社会技术和竞争力 9. comprehensive knowledge综合知识 10. confidence and strength自身优势 11. prejudice and misunderstanding 误解和偏见 12. toughness and independence坚强和独立性 13. social recognition 社会认可/promotion opportunity提升时机 14. comprehensive quality综合素质 15. personality and character 个性和人格16. adaptability and flexibility灵活性和适应性 17. guidance and support 支持和引导18. scope and horizon 眼界和视野 19. ways of consumption 消费类型20.pressure of modern life 现代生活压力总结语:In the final analysis/ As has been analyzed previously/ Above all/ From what been mentioned previously/ To sum up/In brief/In summary/In a word/ All in all/ To summarize/ To conclude/In conclusion/in brief